About us

About us




AVD or Andreas Viljoen Design IS A CREATIVE STUDIO BASED Bloemfontein, South Africa

Creation is where it all begins

We create beautiful, creative designs for clients. From small businesses to established ones, we offer a wide range of graphic design and marketing services to help you take your brand to the next level.

Graphic design & Creative Branding is our core. It’s what we’re passionate about, and what we do best. Whether you need a stylish new logo, re-branding, website, stationery, or packaging, we make sure your brand gets the attention it rightfully deserves. We only deliver great value, high-quality customer service, and stunning designs. Our commitment? To help you grow your brand and connect with your ideal customers through beautiful design.

As a Graphic Designer with more than 30 years experience, we create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. We develop the overall layout and production design for applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, books and pretty much anything that will bring customers to you.




Our Skills


Graphic Design






Da Boyz

Andreas Viljoen

Creative Director 

With 30 years of design experience, Andreas has helped to create visual concepts for various corporate clients, using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. He develops the overall layout and production design for applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports to name a few.

Chris Taylor

Account & Production Manager

Although Chris is not a graphic designer, he has many years of experience and excellent administration skills. His perfection to detail has resulted in AVD’s fluid production flow and timely delivery of work orders.
His attitude toward client service is unparalleled and AVD has welcomed him
with open arms.